Jeffrey Shaw - Installations, Interactivity,Virtuality

b (1944)

Jeffrey Shaw's website provides extensive documentation of his projects and collaborations. His work is also documented on the iCinema website.

Configuring the Cave (1996)
Computergraphic installation with Agnes Hegedues and Bernd Lintermann
iCinema Documentation - Quicktime video clips online
Jeffrey Shaw Documentation - Quicktime video clips online
note new version of this work reconFiguring the CAVE (2001) documented on iCinema

Jeffrey Shaw - ConFIGURING the CAVE

'Web of Life' Network Installation
Network installation with Michael Gleich, Lawrence Wallen, Bernd Lintermann and Torsten Belschner
Jeffrey Shaw Documentation

"The audio-visual environment “Web of Life” is formed by an immersive conjunction of projected three-dimensional computer graphic and video images, together with a fully spatialized acoustic experience and a specially conceived architectural surrounding." source text from documentation of the work on
his website"
iCinema Documentation - Quicktime video clips online
The web of life installation has its own website

Infinity Divided by Sixteen (1987)
Computergraphic/photo installation with Harry De Wit.
Jeffrey Shaw Documentation

Jeffrey Shaw - Infinity Divided by Sixteen 1987
"A finely perforated projection screen was visibly divided into sixteen
sections. Behind each section was a speaker connected to its own amplifier and
tape deck. Sixteen sound tracks were composed and recorded by Harry de Wit for
this work. Each sound track was assigned to a specific position on the screen,
and the volume of each of these sixteen spatially located sound tracks was
modulated by a continual analysis of the changing light intensity of the images
being projected onto that part of the screen." source text from documentation of the work on his website

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