Steve Roden

steve roden - sound installations.

"the primary focus of my sound installations is the use of a singular non-traditional source for the creation of a sound/music composition within a given space. in many cases, the source is directly related to the place that the installation is presented in; such as the sounds of a gallery space or the sounds of an adjacent produce market. other times i have stumbled across audio inspiration in a more intuitive way, such as the use of the sounds of james joyce's voice and drawings related to his placement of text on a page. in all of my work - painting, sculpture, video, and sound - i am interested in abstracting information of all types and re-presenting these things as a new and unfamiliar presence. my intention is to open things up, and to deny a single reading. the audio work is generally quiet, and non-narrative. it attempts to alter ones perception of the landscape, and to create a kind of audio architectural space that one can wander around in."
inland specific exhibition catalog, 2000
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